Best Pocket Knife: Ultimate Knife Comparison Guide!

It’s likely that when you were growing up your father or grandfather always had a pocket knife on them.  Since those days, knives have evolved and even become very specialized.  It’s become harder to make your way through all the information out there on all the possible pocket knife options available.  Clearly you are planning ahead and you don’t want just any old pocket knife, but you want the best pocket knife possible to keep on you.

best pocket knifeWe have a fully detailed interactive chart of pocket knives below that will help you decide what pocket knife is the best knife for you.

Everyone has a personal preference on what a good pocket knife is and that’s where we come in.  Our guides will help you to evaluate all the possible options and to help you choose the best knife in your situation.

As you start researching what is available you will quickly find that the options can be just a tad bit overwhelming.  Pocket knives come with single blades, multiple blades (2,3 & 4), Army knives, jack knives, lock blades, multitool and even more than that.  Then you have the types of blades, a variety of sizes and materials to choose from.  We will be adding more resources to help you wade through these options over time.  So be sure to keep checking back for the latest information.

What is a Pocket Knife?

Obviously the answer to this question is that it’s a knife that fits into your pocket.  But what many people might not realize is that there is so much more to what makes up a pocket knife.  There are many different types of pocket knives and they can include many other tools other than just a knife blade.  It’s also sometimes called a Jackknife or Jack-knife.  A typical pocket knife will have one or more blades that will measure between 2-6 inches in length.

Some of the more commonly found types of pocket knives would be multi-tool knives like the Leatherman Juice CS4; Lock Blade knives like the Grohmann 340s Mini Russell knife; and Tactical Knives like the Zero Tolerance Tactical Response Knife.

How To Find A Knife That Meets Your Needs

Above you will find an interactive comparison chart that lists out some of the better pocket knives available today.  We’ve taken time to really break down what buyers have found is the most important information when selecting a new pocket knife.  So take a few moments and review the chart above to help you find the perfect knife for you.

Review of the Top 5 Pocket Knives

The knives listed above are all really great options but there are a few that we wanted to highlight as some of the better options available.  We’ve listed 5 of our favorites below with a little more detailed breakdown of what makes those knives rise to the top of our lists.  So take a moment and continue reading the reviews below.

Benchmade Mini Griptilian 555HG

mini griptilianThe Benchmade Mini Griptilian (555HG Series) is the little brother version of the larger Griptilian (550HG Series). This knife is smaller in all ways than the full sized Griptilian; size, weight and blade length. But it’s this size difference that makes this knife fit really well in just about any pocket and as result is an excellent EDC (Every Day Carry) pocket knife.  Read our more detailed review

Spyderco Junior G-10 Plain Edge Knife

Spyderco JrThere is an interesting story behind the design of the Spyderco Junior G-10.  An employee of Spyderco was considering a knife for his young son who was starting to ask for his own pocket knife.  A discussion was started about questions that parents about knife safety which led to this unique design.  The big feature of this knife is the rather prominent guard that sits behind the sharp belly of the knife.  Read our more detailed review

Kershaw Ken Onion Leek Speed Safe Knife

ken onion leekWhen you start exploring the world of pocket knives, you will quickly come across the name of Ken Onion.  One of the most important features of the Kershaw Ken Onion Leek is the Speed Safe opening mechanism.  This knife is not a switchblade, because it doesn’t deploy with the press of a button or by gravity.  The Speed Safe mechanism requires the user to manually overcome the resistance of the torsion bar in order to deploy the blade.  So check out the knife by Read our more detailed review.

Buck 505 Knight Lockback Knife

buck505As one of the smallest knives in the Buck 500 series, the Buck 505 Knight folding knife is one that easily fits into a pocket yet is a knife you can rely on.  It falls into what is known as the Gentleman’s Folder category.  It’s made right here in the USA and is backed by the Buck Forever Warranty, which protects your investment.  The Buck company has been making knives for over 100 years and will even custom make you a knife through their Custom Knife Shoppe if you can’t find what you like.

As for this knife, it’s a basic, small sized knife that is almost unnoticeable in your pocket.  But it’s full-featured and made with high quality materials that will help it to last a long time.  It features a locking blade and nickel silver bolsters.  Read our more detailed review.

Choosing The Best Knife

How do you choose the best pocket knife for yourself? Many things come into consideration of which, here are a few: What size pocket knife do you desire? There are quite large sized pocket knives and also very, very small pocket knives. If you are a lady, possibly you want something small enough to slip into your purse? A man on the other hand, will want a knife as the name implies-to fit into his pocket. Although, it is not uncommon for a person to choose a knife for show as opposed to it’s usefulness. Those shoppers prefer the very ornate knives.

best pocket knifeIn considering the size, both the pocket knife handle and the blade will need to be decided. Handles come in many various colors, designs and materials they are made of. Some can be very ornate and some very plain Jane. If the price you are going to pay for the best pocket knife for you is a key factor, best to stay away from pocket knife handles made of alabaster, bone, and stag antler as they are some of the more expensive materials. Other knife handles less expensive are made from wood, metal (usually steel or titanium) and micarta which is a synthetic.

The pocket knife blade also comes in various sizes, shapes and styles as well as materials they are made from. There are single and also multiple blade knives. Not to mention, in addition to a choice of how many blades, maybe your preference is to have other tools included such as an opener, screwdriver or even tiny scissors which some of the Swiss Army knives offer.

The blades themselves can be plain or serrated, pointed on the end or what is called a sheep’s head as well as other choices. Materials used to make the knife blades are often stainless steel, carbon steel or titanium.

As you determine the best pocket knife to suit your needs, there is even more to consider. Don’t forget about the weight of the knife itself. In a closed position, gently toss the knife up and down in the palm of your hand. If the store owner will allow it, actually put the closed knife in your pants pocket or wherever you intend to carry it to get the real feel of the weight. Keep in mind the other things you always carry in the same pocket. Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how much weight is carried in a pocket which will not only wear the inside of the pocket but also how it will affect the area of your body where that weight is carried and for how long.

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